Mother Goose Jointed Storybook Printable Paper Doll

Mother Goose Jointed Storybook Printable Paper Doll

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Mother Goose
Storybook Animal

Mother Goose has lots
of stories to tell!

This Jointed Storybook Animal is part of a set that was distributed for elementary schools. There are ten animals in the set and in another set called Jointed Animals. Made to be cut out and held together with brads, these great play toys are presented in black & white in a downloadable PDF. Print them out on paper or on 65 or 67 pound card in white for coloring, or upon brightly colored like we have. The figures are also excellent for printing onto fabric that has been cut to size and gently ironed on 8 ½” x 11” freezer paper. The cut out fabric animal can then be appliqued into a quilt or quilted project.

Here is Mother Goose who is best made by cutting out all of the pieces, then, as the original instructions say:  1) Fasten head in front of neck, then body in front of neck. 2) Place body between legs.

For our shop model, we used 65 pound green card and scrap booking brads from Michaels Crafts.