History of Fashion 15th Century Vintage Printable Paper Dolls

History of Fashion 15th Century Vintage Printable Paper Dolls

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History of Fashion
15th Century by Maridee Hamilton
Printable e-Paper Doll

Add this regal paper doll to your castle!

This vintage historical fashion doll was printed in Doll World Omnibook magazine published in the 1970s and 1980s. I just loved those doll magazines, carried them in my retail store and waited for every issue.

The write up states: “For the wealthier classes, the fifteenth century was a story like time. Beautiful princesses and ladies, dashingly well-dressed men and the handsome prince on a white stallion might come to mind. With the coming of the Renaissance, there evolved a desire to find the ideal forms of beauty. The human body became the essential factor in man’s search for the aesthetic ideal.”

Included in this 5 page PDF paper doll are:

  • A doll and a spare
  • Two elegant princess dresses
  • Two matching headresses
  • Write-up on 15th century fashion

This paper doll and her accessories are a PDF that will be downloaded to your computer and printed off by your computer’s printer. Please help keep Sunbonnet Smart on-line by not sharing paper dolls. Be fair! Don’t share!