Dolly Dingle vintage ice skating winter printable paper dolls

Dolly Dingle and Sammy Go Ice Skating Printable Paper Dolls

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Dolly Dingle and Sammy Go Skating

Winter’s finally here and the pond is frozen!

Grace Drayton’s cartoon characters brought joy to many children and their families in the 20th century and now, almost a hundred years later, her drawings are still popular today. Grace and her sisters grew up in Philadelphia. She was a prolific and accomplished artist, belonging to the most prestigious artist circles. She was actively drawing from 1904 until her death in 1936. She is most famous for designing the Campbell’s Kids and Dolly Dingle, although she painted in oils and was a student of Robert Henri.

Dolly and her friend Sammy are finally going skating together. They’ve been waiting all fall for the pond down the road to freeze and it looks like it has.  Last night Dolly’s father went and tested it to make sure. The ice appeared to be frozen solid. When he used an ice augur to look and test the depth of the ice, it was two feet thick! So, now the children are allowed to go and have fun.  Both Dolly and Sammy have brought their Christmas toys. Dolly has Cuddle Bunny and Sammy has his Old Mr. Punch Puppet from his Punch and Judy Theater play set.

Included in this 4 page PDF of four color paper dolls are:

  • Dolly Dingle doll  in a white slip, blue stockings and Mary Jane shoes
  • Blue short sleeved lace party dress holding an attached nosegay
  • Blue satin hair bow to match the party dress
  • Red velvet side buttoned skating outfit with white trim, skates and gloves
  • Matching red hat with white trim and side bow
  • Cuddle Bunny play toy
  • Sammy Doll in white undershirt and briefs with blue socks and black shoes
  • Dressy blue velvet shirt outfit with ruffled shirt and rose at the waist
  • Red Velvet skating outfit with brown fur collar, brown socks and skates
  • Matching red hat with brown fur trim
  • Old Mr. Punch toy