Bushytail Vintage Storybook Printable Paper Dolls

Bushytail Vintage Storybook Printable Paper Dolls

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Benjamin & Emma Bushytail
by Kathy Lawrence
Downloadable e-Paper Doll

Squirrel children love Halloween!

I fell in love with Benjamin and Emma years ago when I first saw their over-sized postcard. Loving animals as I do, personifying them into little people seems just right. Benjamin and Emma look like twins and their school clothes along with Halloween costumes are included. Try designing backs for your paper dolls!

Flip the dolls and clothes over on a piece of paper so wrong sides are up. Trace around them. Draw in the backs to match the fronts. Then, glue-stick the fronts to the backs to have even more fun with your dolls, as they can be turned over in play. Why, they can even walk away from you in a huff!

Included in this 3 page PDF four color paper doll set are:

  • Benjamin Bushytail, a squirrel boy of about 8 or 9 people years
  • Emma Bushytail, a squirrel girl of about the same age
  • Skeleton Halloween outfit for Benjamin with attached pumpkin tote
  • Witch Halloween outfit for Emma with attached pumpkin tote
  • Sailor outfit for Benjamin, one piece shirt, shorts with school slate attached
  • Sailor outfit for Emma, dress with school slate attached
  • Sunday outfit for Benjamin with flowers attached
  • Sunday outfit for Emma
  • Sunday straw hat for Benjamin
  • Sunday flowered hat for Emma
  • Blue hairbow for Emma.

These paper dolls and their accessories are a PDF that will be downloaded to your computer and printed off by your computer’s printer. Please help keep Sunbonnet Smart on-line by not sharing paper dolls. Be fair! Don’t share!