Amabel A French Fashion Printable Paper Doll

Amabel A French Fashion Printable Paper Doll

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A French Fashion Doll
by Lauren Welker

The French have been fashion leaders for hundreds of years!

French King Louis XIV was instrumental in setting the world’s taste for French fashion and style. He wanted all polite societies to know of French culture and taste, so he encouraged the use of fashion dolls, miniature dressed realistic dolls, to be sent all over the world.

These large dolls are very collectible as they are exact in detail and have scale copies of gowns, hats, shoes and accessories. Amabel is a line drawing allowing her to be colored to personal preference with crayons or colored pencils. This doll appeared in the Fall 1981 issue of Doll News.

Included in this 3 page PDF of a black and white illustration paper doll are:

  • Amabel Paper Doll in corset cover, petticoat and pantaloons
  • Sophisticated day dress
  • Upper class shirtwaist and skirt
  • Jacket to match upper class shirtwaist and skirt
  • Traveling outfit with gloves drawn in hand
  • Sausage curls wig with hat to match
  • Wig with feathered day bonnet

This paper doll and her accessories are a PDF that will be downloaded to your computer and printed off by your computer’s printer. Please help keep Sunbonnet Smart on-line by not sharing paper dolls. Be fair! Don’t share!