Dolly Dingle Turkey Centerpiece Printables

Dolly Dingle Turkey Centerpiece Printables

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Dolly Dingle’s Thanksgiving:

FULL PAGE Centerpiece Turkeys

Grace Drayton’s cartoon characters brought joy to many children and their families in the 20th century and now, almost a hundred years later, her drawings are still popular today. Grace and her three sisters grew up in Philadelphia. She was a prolific and accomplished artist, belonging to the most prestigious artistic circles. She was actively drawing from 1904 until her death in 1936. She is most famous for her Campbell’s kids and Dolly Dingle, although she painted in oils and was a student of Robert Henri.

Thanksgiving comes but once a year, and now it’s here! Dolly has set a lovely table in her dining room complete with harvest place cards and individual vase covers or treat cups. There are two turkeys to cut out and stand up with heavy card braces that Dolly is planning on putting on either side of her flower centerpiece.

These large size Centerpiece Turkey print outs will embellish any centerpiece you are planning for the middle of your table. If you want smaller turkeys, look for the 8 page PDF, Dolly Dingle’s Thanksgiving, found in the Sunbonnet Bargains store of Sunbonnet Smart. Either way, you’ll have a dinner to remember when you invite Dolly’s Centerpiece Turkeys to your table!

Included in with these 4 page PDF four color FULL PAGE Centerpiece Turkeys are:

  • A traditional Thanksgiving Tom Turkey with tail feathers displayed
  • A female turkey, called a “Hen”
  • Two braces to glue stick to the back of each turkey so they will stand up