The Scribbler et al

Oh, I love fun things!

And look what I found today! For FREE!

I was watching “TED Talks: Smart Laughs” on NetFlix this afternoon. One of the speakers was Ze Frank, who is a genius at comedy and software programming. He had a terrific presentation, “Ze Frank’s Web Playroom”  In addition, he is wacky and comes up with the FUNNIEST stuff. If you have time to spare, or need a break when you don’t, try his web site out for size.

TED Talks are always interesting. Ze Frank’s is as well.

One of my favorites sections of his web site is where people recreate photos from their past. Called “Young Me, Now Me,” I just LOVE looking at these photos and there seems to be an endless supply. Why, just look at this snow lady!  Once you get started, it’s so much fun, you won’t want to stop. Fair warning! Looking at these comparison photos is like eating popcorn.

Playing with The Scribbler can wile away countless,
otherwise efficiently used, work hours.

BTW, don’t miss The Scribbler. This bit of programming brilliance allows anyone to be an artist and you can print and save your work. All for free!

Ze Frank has made the world quite a bit nicer!



NaBloPoMo June 2012

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