The Lyrebird or “Liar” Bird

Lyrebirds are one of the unusual creatures found in Australia.

The lyrebird might as well be called the “Liar Bird” as it is accomplished in copying other bird calls and even sounds not found in nature like a buzz saw! As if its unusual tail feathers aren’t enough, the lyrebird gets plenty of attention by being an expert at imitation. The lyrebird can mimic the songs of other birds and successfully sound like a flock of birds by appearing to make a chatter of many bird calls all at once. In addition, the lyrebird can also create animal noises, the human voice, machinery, explosions and musical instruments. An array of lyrebird musings have been captured in the following video. To enjoy the exhibition, click play:

The range of this lyrebird is amazing. How amusing it would
be to be walking through all of this Australian vegetation
and hear these noises from the otherwise shy lyrebird.

If you have a little person in your life, they might enjoy the story of Silvertail, the lyrebird. If you think so and want to preview the book, just hover your mouse over the following link:  Silvertail, the story of a lyrebird

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