Slowing Down, Spending Less

When kids are little, sometimes treasures are
left in pockets to go through the wash.

Just like when there is a dependable source of income.
Dollars are easily misplaced as there are plenty of them.

We found in our financial decline, that our priorities and values changed. At the time, it was difficult to make changes, but now, I consider the whole situation a blessing. Those changes needed to be made. How caught up in materialism we were and how much richer our lives are now because of the changes we made as a result of financial difficulty.

When each dollar becomes an understandable commodity, when you are counting each and every one and savoring their existence in your hand, you appreciate them more. You also appreciate what they can do for you more, and enlist a new set of values to determine how they will be spent. In some cases, when things worsen, first, when you don’t have a car to drive off to the store and finally, when you don’t have bus fair or any money to spend, your perspectives on what’s important change forever.

Suddenly Frugal rewards the reader with a better life.

And, you don’t have to have financial difficulties to have this rewarding change of life. Why not work to change your values that make material things so important? Books have been written on just that and Suddenly Frugal is a good one. To preview it, hover your mouse over this link:

Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less

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