Sanctuary Island

A delightfully recreat-tion-al experience.

The biggest gift I could give anyone would be the wonderfully restorative CD, Sanctuary Island meditative journey narrated by Robert Gerzon. I have been listening to the calming effects of meditative narration and sharing it with others since the late 1980s. I thank this CD and its creator for getting me through some difficult times, when I needed all my senses to be sharp and I needed rest. Listening to Sanctuary Island when I was upset and feeling alone allowed me to get the rest I needed as it calmed me down with vacation imagery of a visit to a tropical island.

When I first bought this CD, it was on a two sided casette tape that had to be turned over to listen to the other side. Now, it is available on a CD with an enticing cover, why I can take a vacation just looking at it. For those in a hurry before you calm down, Sanctuary Island can be download right from Robert Gerzon’s web site. Take a vacation in a half hour: no tickets, no packing and no airport security. Can’t beat it!

NaBloPoMo 2011

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