Organic Harvest Time

Frugal Gardeners should always grow peppers of all shapes, sizes and fire power.

The last few weeks have been the culmination of working since last fall to produce extra food without lots of extra cost. It is amazing how much food you can grow in a small space and for a small amount of money. We gardened with flowers and ornamental shrubs before we got savvy to all of the food that can be produced. Now, a plant has to justify its existence to be in our garden. And the gardens are just as pretty. In fact they have a beauty that can’t be surpassed. Each plant works everyday to make food for us and each plant becomes a member of the family.

How long we have waited for the harvest,
but we were well rewarded for the wait.

I didn’t grow up around anyone who seriously gardens vegetables, so learning has been a long process, I think because I didn’t have a “feel” for what we were doing.  Each year it has gotten better. I had grown tomatoes off and on through the years, but our first real garden was in 2008. We started seeds inside in March and never looked back. Now, we wouldn’t be without a garden. It’s so much fun and lots of work, but every effort brings BIG returns.

Heritage, organic tomatoes are the real workhorses.
Indeterminate plants seem to produce forever!

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