Happy New Year!


A very Happy New Year to you and yours with all
the best wishes for 2011, each and every day!

It is wonderous, nothing short of amazing, how fast the year goes by. I am sure I don’t have to go on at length, because I bet everyone out there will agree with me. I am always reflective, therefore, when I come across heartfelt sentiments from year’s ago, like the greeting on the back of the above postcard:

12/29/16 Dear Abbie: I wish to thank you for all the
presents you sent me. We had a dandy day for Christmas
this year. Everything was all white. A Happy New Year
 to you all. Edith

Am I just nosy? I just naturally HAVE to know who Abbie was. Who Edith was. Their relationship, how they lived and how they died. Such love and sweet sentiments from almost one hundred years ago remind me that, just as everyone says, the years pass too quickly and our turn to enjoy life comes to an end. At this time of year especially, it is good to reflect that each day a gift.

With that in mind, here’s a little penguin who knows how to get the best out of each moment, even though his elders aren’t quite sure what to make of it:

I get happy watching this little fellow. Isn’t it catching?

And look at these people! What a genius it took to create this eye catching performance. If you remember back to the 1970s, the following video will make you smile and get your New Year off to a happy start:

Rock out with some memories while this “group” puts on a show.

Once again, here’s wishing you and yours the best of life and love in the New Year. Come back and visit as we take on 2011 together. I’ll be watching out for you and leave a light on!

Much Love,

Fondly, Robin

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