An Irish 12 Days of Christmas

Nothing homier than a thatched cottage in Ireland.

The ingenuity of thatching fascinates me. What a frugal use of natural materials. If it interests you, you might want to click here to visit a site with practical information for thatched cottage owners and “roof maintainers.”

I enjoyed the video below after finding it tucked inside
 an e-mail this morning. See if you like it.

Join Mr. Gobnait O’Lunasa who’s writing his friend,
Nuala, about her lovely Christmas gifts.

For an attractive web site showing how to stay in an Irish cottage on your next visit to Ireland, kindly click here.

If you like thatched houses, you might want to
preview Lida Bulf’s book by hovering your mouse over this link:

Donegal Homesteads: The Disappearance of the Irish Thatched Cottage (Volume 1)

An Amazon reviewer says, “I have personally visited some of the scenes that Lida Bulf depicts in her new book and her rendition is spot-on. Most, if not all, of her subjects are from County Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula, “Ireland in Miniature,” and her tasteful combination of cottages and flowers and plant life is inspired. I highly recommend the book and know you won’t be disappointed.”

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