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Overwhelmingly Quilting!

Looking through my list of wonderful quilting web sites I keep handy, I hit a lollapaloozer of a post. Checking up on the latest with Rebecca at, “Cheeky Cognoscenti,” I read her post from yesterday, Saturday, November 26, 2016, and it wore me out. Look at what she has accomplished and still has enough strength […]

6 String Quilt Styles: Old and New

With the advent of modern quick piecing methods, it’s easy to assume we time-pressed quilters invented all of our time-saving, stash-busting options. When it comes to string quilts, though, quilters long gone by, regularly used the pattern. Let’s look at some old and new variations. Here’s a current example of a lovely set of blocks […]

Dad’s Ultimate Cole Slaw

Father’s Day comes but once a year, but thoughts of Daddy go on forever. Whenever I make his world famous Ultimate Cole Slaw recipe, I know he’s nearby, helping me get it just right. Try my, "Dad's Ultimate Cole Slaw," for the Fourth of July....Click To Tweet - Powered By CoSchedule My Dad loved to […]

This Ain’t Gonna’ Stay in Vegas!

No way! Life changing events can’t be stifled, no matter where they occur. And, my time at the Type-A Parent Las Vegas Bootcamp 2015, followed by a heavy dose of Affiliate Summit West 2015, caused a profound shift. So remarkable was the impact, I wonder if earthquakes in those parts are just high powered movers […]

Insecurity: the Fine Print of Creative License?

On June 7, 2014, Laurel Regan, at posted, “Some Questions on Creative Self-Confidence.” Being in the creative arts myself, I found the topic of her discussion and fan Comments thought provoking. In this post, I hope to reassure anyone who creates that they are a creator, anyone who paints that they are a painter, […]

Working for Pins

Many sewers and quilters pride themselves on sewing without pins. They somehow feel it elevates their command of the skill, demonstrating they are able to precisely feed fabric past a feed-dog at lightening speeds. Nothing could be further from my truth. I use zillions of pins, the more the better, removing each one as it […]

Michigan Barn Quilts Map

It’s that time of year! Jump in the car for a road trip to see Barn Quilts. Much like the Hex Signs posted on barns by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the eastern part of the United States, large plywood cutouts of quilt blocks have become popular sights in rural communities across the country. Placing quilt […]

Try Complex Colors Rather than Design

 With a bit of color work in fabric choices, a simple quilt pattern looks complex. This sweet quilt from the web site and blog, “PleasanTree,” demonstrates the potential, perfectly. What could be easier, construction wise, than alternating blocks of “Nine Patches” and “Half Square Triangles?” And yet, look at the sophisticated appeal of this quilt, […]

ROYGBIV Quilts, Say What!?!

Crazy letters! What in the world do they mean? If you are are a scientist, a quilter or observe the Chakra energy centers, you probably know! The letters ROYGBIV stand for the colors of the rainbow, or visible light spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. All of the light we see is […]

Adding an Extra Half Square Triangle

Using an extra block between traditional blocks can add a compelling eye-catcher. #quilt #quilting Welcome to SunbonnetSmarters joining in from Facebook! I was tooling around the Internet when I found Kay MacKensie’s wonderful “ruminations,” as she says, of her fondness for Jill Finley’s book from Martingale Press called, “Home Sweet Quilt.” Kay’s web site and […]

Perhaps Death is the Beginning

During the winter, my heartstrings were tugged relentlessly by the passing of friend’s parents. In particular, two of my BlogHer Soul Mates were facing the transitional loss of their mothers after giving devoted long term care. As their situations were similar to that of when my own father died, it was hard for me to […]

BlogHer is a Chavruta, Not a Cult

Well, how droll. Everyday I read comments and posts on with one sided facts, allowing no accommodation for opposing points of view. There seems to be no recognition that other spiritual beings may have experienced a side of the universe unknown to the posting authors. In fact, many BlogHers post their thoughts, while turning […]